Save Money

RIAMS will save you money. With tightening budgets and the need to do more with less, RIAMS is delivered for a fraction of the cost than your team doing it themselves.

Developed by Regulatory Professionals

RIAMS was conceived to meet practical needs and is growing organically.  RIAMS is developed by an Editorial Team and expert network of Environmental Health and Local Laws professionals.

Anywhere, anytime

Being in the Cloud means that RIAMS is accessible anywhere, anytime.  With the increased use of mobile field technology, RIAMS provides important information at your fingertips.

Consistency and Customisation

RIAMS will deliver your Council consistent and comprehensive procedures with the ability to tailor them to your own requirements.  Reliable documentation that is flexible!

Automatic Archiving

Any documents placed on RIAMS are automatically categorised and stored in the archives – no additional effort required.

Driving Improvements

RIAMS covers the major areas of Environmental Health and Local Laws and will respond to user requests for new content to be developed.  You help drive improvements in RIAMS.