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Q and A for business on changes to haridressing and make up registration process

June 26, 2015
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For your information, a Q and A that will be sent to businesses in hard copy, towards the end of next week, about the changes to the registration process for hairdressing and make-up businesses that will come into effect from next year.

(It has taken a little while to put together a database of hairdressing and make-up proprietors, which is why this information is being sent out slightly after the Q and A that they have been emailed to Councils at the end of April.)

Please note this information can be downloaded from: http://ideas.health.vic.gov.au/publications.asp  (referenced under the “Infection control” section of the Publications and guidelines page).

If you have any questions about the Q and A, please feel contact Jenny Hughes, Senior Policy Adviser  on 9096 5073, jennifer.hughes@health.vic.gov.au