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Beware of dog baiting

June 30, 2015
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Dog owners are being warned to be vigilant and take extra care after two incidents of dog baiting, one in Bellfield and one in Lower Plenty, within the last few days.

Both incidents occurred on Thursday last week. In Bellfield, a woman walking her dog in Ford Park found several pieces of salami, which had large red fish hooks threaded through them, at the base of a tree.

In Lower Plenty, three dogs were poisoned after raw sausage meat containing a poison was found in their backyard. The dogs, two Maltese Shitzu Cross and a Maltese Pug Shitzu, were going home today after nearly $3,000 of veterinary care.

All three dogs were taken to the vet seriously ill, with symptoms including salivating at the mouth and inability to stand. At one stage it was thought they might not survive but over the weekend their condition started to improve.

The dogs’ owner, Adam Bobin, said vets were baffled as to the poison used and attempts were being made to get a toxicology report on the meat he found. “It’s a pretty horrendous drug,” he said.

Adam said it was a big worry that someone was using such a lethal drug, which carried severe risk to other animals or small children who might ingest it.

Margaret, the lady who found the salami, said she noticed the meat in Ford Park near a tree because it looked odd. After finding out what it was she picked it up and brought it in to Banyule Council. “It is a terribly cruel and really despicable act,” she said.

Senior Animal Management Officer at Banyule Council, Jenny Cotterell, said Banyule had not had an incident like this before and it was obviously designed to cause damage to dogs.

The Mayor of Banyule, Cr Craig Langdon, said anyone who knew anything about either incident, or who found similar baits, should call Council on 9490 4222 or the police.

“I would also urge all dog owners to take extra care when walking their dogs, particularly if they let them off leash in parks where dogs can easily and enthusiastically eat food, not knowing that it has been baited,” Cr Langdon said.

“I don’t understand who would do this sort of thing, particularly given there is also the potential for children to pick up and play with or eat these baits.”

Cr Langdon said that if anyone saw people placing baits they should call police immediately.

Published by Banyule City Council, 29/06/2015