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Check chimneys, MFB warns after three fires

July 15, 2015
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As the cold weather starts to bite, residents have been warned to check their chimneys and flues after three fires in Melbourne overnight.

With the cold snap setting in across Victoria, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade has urged people to take care when starting fires to heat up their homes.

In the space of 40 minutes last night firefighters were called to properties in Moorabbin, Gardenvale and Seabrook to deal with chimney fires.

After the fires the MFB said it wanted to remind people to check their flues for correct installation and have their chimneys and flues swept regularly.

MFB spokesman Trevor Woodward said: “People need to make sure their flues have been properly installed and maintained.

“They need to make sure it is checked out every couple of years by a licensed person — not just somebody quickly poking their head up there and saying it’s fine.

“They need to be checked out properly.”

Residents are also reminded heating units need to be maintained regularly as well.

Published by news.com.au, 12/07/2015