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IMPORTANT: Food Act – Food (Forms and Registration) Regulations 2015: changes to forms

October 12, 2015
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As you may know, the Food (Forms and Registration) Regulations 2005 sunset next month and will be remade as the Food (Forms and Registration) Regulations 2015.

As indicated during the review and consultation process commenced last year, the changes that are being made to the regulations are minor, and most have come from the need to ensure that the regulations reflect the Act, meet current drafting standards required by the Office of Chief Parliamentary Counsel, have the updated date and title, and reflect other changes now in place for forms used in the Magistrates’ Court.

The final draft of the forms is now being settled and will be provided to you shortly in two versions: marked up to show the changes, and the final version.

All the forms that you use will change and new forms must be used from 22 November 2015.

The registration certificate form and the register of food premises form have very minor changes and it should not be difficult to amend your electronic versions to reflect new dates, styling, etc. once the final version is settled.

In relation to the seizure notice and notice application for release, as some councils use duplicate or triplicate tear-off pads for these notices, you should alert your printer now that new ones will need to be printed and available from 22 November.

Most of the changes have been required by Parliamentary Counsel at the final formal drafting stage.

As soon as the Department are advised by Legal Services that the final proof has been submitted, The Department will advise you of the new text for the forms.

If you have any questions at this stage, please contact Anne Mullins, Senior Policy Analyst, Food Safety Regulation, Health Protection and Emergency Management Department of Health & Human Services on (03) 9096 8421, anne.mullins@dhhs.vic.gov.au