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Heatwave builds across Australia this week, extreme conditions in parts

November 18, 2015
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A scorching heatwave is building across the country this week with the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) forecasting severe and extreme conditions in some areas.

Temperatures are predicted to rise from today in all states except Tasmania, caused by a large high-pressure system moving east across the country from Western Australia.

Severe heatwave conditions are first predicted for the western Top End on Tuesday, rising to severe in some parts on Wednesday.

During this time low intensity heatwave conditions are forecast for across the interior of Western Australia, South Australia and extending into south-western NSW and northern Victoria, becoming severe in SA and WA.

By Saturday, large areas of the Top End and the Kimberley are expected to experience severe heatwave conditions.

Low intensity to severe heatwaves are tipped to continue into the weekend in Queensland and north-east NSW, after beginning to rise earlier in the week.

Darwin will be hit the hardest of all the capital cities, receiving temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius until Sunday.

In Sydney temperatures are forecast to reach 33C on Wednesday, peaking at 38C on Friday.

Friday looks to be hottest day in the run with high 30s likely in all suburbs, Weatherzone has reported.

It said there was potential for some places, particularly in western suburbs, to see their first 40C day since last year.

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Published by: ABC News 17th November 2015