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Great grandmother Ailsa Billing fined for selling illegal cigarettes at Cranbourne gift shop

November 24, 2015
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A Gbf673e7a56d493e504cfb38a65890650REAT grandmother — described as a “quintessential Aussie battler” — has been caught selling illegal cigarettes from a gift shop.

Ailsa Billing earned $420-a-week cash in hand for selling chop chop from under the counter of the shop on the South Gippsland Highway in Cranbourne.

An undercover raid by police found almost 300 boxes of illegal cigarettes in the back of the shop, which she was selling for $33 a pack.

Billing also offered senior citizens a special “pensioner pack” of 12 cigarettes for $5.

Despite the raid in July, Billing admitted continuing the illegal operation.

Her defence described the great grandmother as “a quintessential Aussie battler” who simply worked at the shop and had “a tough life.”

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Published by Herald Sun, 20 November 2015