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Nuclear waste storage: Government officials grilled over proposal for historic village Sallys Flat

November 29, 2015
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Dozens of people have attended a community meeting to grill Federal Government officials over a proposal to store nuclear waste near a historic village in the Bathurst district in central west New South Wales.

Sallys Flat is one of six sites around Australia shortlisted by the Federal Government to host the country’s first permanent nuclear waste dump.

A community meeting is being held in Hill End today to discuss the possibility that the neighbouring village of Sallys Flat could be chosen to store the material.

The meeting, at Hill End’s Royal Hall, is the first chance locals have had to hear directly from Federal Government representatives about the decision to shortlist the site.

Commonwealth officials are due at the meeting to give residents a chance to find out more about the proposal.

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Published by ABC News 26 November 2015