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Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils slams Badgerys Creek assessment as ‘full of holes’

December 1, 2015
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Western Sydney councils have slammed a federal government report into the proposed multi-billion dollar airport at Badgerys Creek as a “rush job” that is “full of holes”.

The Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils president Tony Hadchiti said the draft environmental impact statement for a second Sydney aiport overlooked key repercussions for the region.

The organisation represents 10 western Sydney councils including those that will neighbour the proposed airport which is due to open its doors to 10 million passengers a year in 2025.

The criticism comes on the back of an independent review, commissioned by western and south-western Sydney councils, that found there was a “number of omissions and limitations” in the government’s environmental impact statement.

Cr Hadchiti said the statement did not adequately consider the cumulative effect of projects linked to the airport – including The Northern Road upgrade and the recently declared South West Priority Area – on traffic congestion, noise and air pollution.

The impact on communities if the airport was built without a rail line and the additional economic activity that would be generated, such as shopping centres and accommodation, were also not clearly identified, Cr Hadchiti said.

“There were a lot of things that were wrong with this EIS unfortunately.

“We can’t afford to rush it now. We’ve dragged our feet for 40 years and we are very grateful that we are getting the airport, or some people are, but let’s not rush it when it comes to the serious end of the business.”

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Published by The Sydney Morning Herald, 28 November 2015