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More than 40 people taken to hospital after Newcastle chemical leak

March 8, 2016
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6236823995_8794ee8bd5_zMore than 40 people have been hospitalised after a factory in Newcastle’s north-west had a chemical leak on Monday morning.

Emergency services were called to the Baiada Poultry factory, in Beresfield, at around 8.30am after “a number” of workers reacted to a chemical believed to be chlorine.

At least 200 workers were evacuated, with 43 taken to three separate hospitals in the greater Newcastle area.

Fire and Rescue NSW told the ABC some people had been “overcome” by a leak of chlorine solution, which is used for cleaning processing equipment.

“The company here isolated the leak once they realised the chlorine was leaking,” said duty commander Brett Drotty.

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Published by: Sydney Morning Herald, 7/3/2016