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Melbourne man finds used syringe inside Easter egg on Good Friday

March 30, 2016
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A MELBOURNE man was shocked to discover a used syringe inside of a Cadbury white chocolate Dream easter egg on Good Friday.
Peter Oakley discovered the syringe in an easter egg his mother had purchased from the Canterbury Garden Woolworths in Kilsyth.
“Keep your eyes out before giving choc rabbits to friends or kids. Hopefully the d*ckhead that did this did it only once as a joke,” he wrote in a Facebook post.
“Will be reporting this tomorrow.”
In a comment on his Facebook post, which has been shared over 4960 times, Oakley said it “looks like someone peeled back the foil and jammed it inside and then put the foil back in place”.
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Published by: News.com, 26/3/2016