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Burger fans are furious with the NSW Food Authority over its ‘well done’ advice

May 6, 2016
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Sydney’s burger wars have flared on a new front after the NSW Food Authority threatened chefs with $1540 fines for not cooking hamburgers properly.

News.com.au reports that concerns by council food inspectors led to new guidelines issued in February that any mince should be cooked until there is no visible pink meat.

The new guidelines follow a rise in gourmet burgers by some of Australia’s best chefs, including Rockpool’s Neil Perry, whose Burger Project chain serves patties cooked to medium, and former two-hat chef Warren Turnbull’s Chur Burger.

The NSW Food Authority guidelines paint an alarming picture of people who have fallen ill, including some who have died, with mince meat held responsible.

But after the authority posted its burger safety fact sheet on Facebook, saying “When minced patties are not cooked properly they can cause food poisoning. While pink patties are a recent food trend, contracting E. coli is a real risk”, burger fans attacked them, pointing out that the US figures cited were statistically miniscule and could not specially be blamed on hamburgers.

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Published by: Business Insider, 03/05/2016