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Three more confirmed cases of measles in Tasmania

May 23, 2016
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Tasmanian health authorities have confirmed three more cases of measles, with those involved having been exposed to the illness in the emergency department at Launceston General Hospital.

A passenger travelling from Bangkok to Launceston contracted the highly infectious disease last week.

Australian Medical Association state president Tim Greenaway said since then three other adults had caught the disease after being in the vicinity of the first case.

“It’s my understanding that they were exposed to the index case in the emergency department at the Launceston General Hospital,” he said.

“It behoves people if they think that over the weekend they may have contracted measles, if they have a fever, cough or conjunctivitis, a blotchy rash, to ring ahead to their doctor or the emergency department.

“[Then] the medical staff can prepare to assess those patients safely because measles is highly infectious.”

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Published by: ABC News, 20/05/2016