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Hunky Dory fish and chips accused of serving catfish as dory

May 30, 2016
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59b128617d7a26f7d9fd663d4e28292aMelbourne fish and chip restaurant chain Hunky Dory is being accused of misleading customers by calling the cheaper Vietnamese freshwater catfish they serve as fish of the day dory.

Owner Greg Robotis denies the allegations, saying many different types of fish were used for the fish-of-the-day and basa, as the catfish is known, was mostly served in fish wraps and burgers.

A whistleblower has come forward with evidence that Hunky Dory outlets were ordering huge amounts of frozen basa fillets every week and said staff were instructed to call the defrosted basa fillet they were selling as fish-of-the-day, dory.

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Published by: The Age, 27th May 2016