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Goulburn mozzie warning

February 16, 2017
Public Health and Wellbeing

A mosquito warning for the Goulburn Valley has been issued after Kunjin virus was detected in Shepparton . People have been urged to wear long, loose-fitting clothes, use insect repellent containing picaridin, and remove stagnant water from around the home.

The Victorian Health Department has warned that the virus, which is from the same family as Murray Valley Encephalitis (MVE), can cause mild but more significant illness than other viruses associated with mosquitoes, like Ross River Virus.

Symptoms include fever, sore muscles and/or joints, fatigue and headache. The department has advised people with any of these symptoms to seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms can occur two days to a fortnight following a mosquito bite.

The public health warning comes after the Kunjin virus was detected in a chicken that is part of a ‘‘ sentinel chicken flock’ ’ at Shepparton , a flock of chickens that is regularly tested for a range of mosquito-borne infections. The flock , which is one of a number of sentinel chicken flocks around Victoria , acts as an early warning system for potential human cases of the virus.

The warning comes less than a week after authorities revealed six people had been infected with Ross River virus in Melbourne.
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