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October 31, 2017
RIAMS News and Updates

 Have you used RIAMS Connect yet?

With RIAMS Connect you can centrally publish multiple documents and information anywhere online and in other applications. Just manage your RIAMS Connect document to instantly update all copies wherever they are. When you update the master copy on RIAMS it will also update every link you have made to the document, thereby saving time and always maintaining the most  up-to-date version.

How to RIAMS Connect  

  •    Select the connect symbol next to the document title or click on the drop down arrow next to the title and choose ‘Connect’
  • Click ‘Shareable link’. This will generate a link which is then able to be used anywhere. You can give it to your IT department to add to your website or link the document into a back office system. You can also email the link to colleagues, ratepayers and others without requiring access to your entire RIAMS catalogue.
  • ‘Add Note’ allows you to identify where you have shared the document enabling your team to track who has posted the Connect link and where it has been shared.
  • If you wish to remove the link at any time, simply find the document in RIAMS or go to “My Connections” on the right hand menu.  Then click on the ‘Connect’ button and use ‘Remove