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Travellers, basketball teams warned after new measles arrival in Melbourne

April 30, 2018

Four teams of high-school basketballers and international travellers are being urged to check for signs of measles, after a passenger who arrived at Melbourne Airport on a flight from Singapore discovered he was ill with the infectious disease.
The warning comes at a delay, sparking concerns that others may already be showing early symptoms.
The passenger had been in Thailand before falling ill and returned to Melbourne on Qantas Flight 36 from Singapore, landing around 6.40am Monday, April 16.

He was not diagnosed with measles until earlier this week however, after he’d already visited a number of public places in the city.
On Saturday afternoon, April 21, he was at the Wildcats basketball stadium at Eltham High School. The players of all four teams competing that day have been contacted by the school to warn them of the possibility of infection.

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Published by: The AGE, 27/04/2018