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Filthy restaurant risked ‘manslaughter’ of customers

May 7, 2018
Food Safety

A FURIOUS magistrate has torn strips off a filthy restaurant, saying its “disgusting” kitchen could have killed its customers.

A MAGISTRATE has warned a dirty Sydney restaurant it risked “a manslaughter charge” because its kitchen was so filthy it could have “poisoned or killed” customers.

Dainty Dumpling House in the southern Sydney suburb of Miranda had a “disgusting” kitchen filled with grease-caked equipment and a dirty floor “for years”, Sutherland Local Court heard.

Giving the restaurant director Marco Li a blistering reprimand, Magistrate Glenn Bartley said: “You could be in the Supreme Court on a manslaughter charge.

“It’s good luck rather than management customers weren’t poisoned or even killed.

“What we have is gross indifference to the health of customers, gross prolonged negligence.

“The company didn’t [reveal the] disgusting backroom arrangements.

“They were misleading customers to think they were operating in a hygienic way.”

Dainty Dumpling House’s kitchen had equipment covered in accumulated grease, no paper towels for staff to wash their hands, and uncovered food on shelves.

It received penalties for failing to fix a “deteriorating” handbasin after a warning from the council, and for failing to fill gaps to prevent the “harbourage of pests.”

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Published by: News.com.au 5/5/2018