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RIAMS Overview

What is RIAMS?

RIAMS (Regulatory Information and Management System) is a leading edge cloud based platform built by regulatory professionals for their colleagues. It was designed to enable consistency and is now a proven and widely used tool to improve the delivery of regulation in Australia and internationally. It can be used by professionals and managers involved in local and state regulation.

To date it supports professionals engaged in environmental health, immunisation, local laws, animal management and parking. 

What is the business case?

With an increasing focus on risk assessment and liability, it is important all Regulatory areas have a clear response to auditors (both internal and external) regarding processes and procedures – “We use RIAMS.  All the procedures and documentation relevant to our department is maintained there.”

RIAMS improves front line efficiency, reduces the burden of the middle office (Manager), helps with information management and improves the use of back office systems.

RIAMS is a proven productivity tool and can pay back in three months.

What does it do?

RIAMS delivers fully updated and maintained information for many aspects of regulation. This includes procedures, documents (forms, letters and notices) guidance, publications, legislation and State/National policy. You can also securely add and store your own documents, create document collections and add and share folders.

What about security?

RIAMS is a secure and encrypted facility (the same level as a financial institution). All versions of the documents you add or we supply you with are archived. So if you need to check previous versions they are available in your archive, in date order, which is an invaluable facility for enforcement, legal work and inquiries.

What are the benefits? 

RIAMS will save you money with a reported payback within three months.  For any organisation that needs updated procedures, documents, publications and the facility to store and share information with colleagues, RIAMS will realise immediate benefits. RIAMS is widely used to support better consistency, shared and collaborative working and restructuring.

It is accessed via the internet so no software or hardware purchases are necessary. Updates and improvements to the platform and functions are implemented by us at the source.

You can use your documents, our documents or a combination of both through RIAMS intuitive pages making everything easily accessible.

Many Users drop other information services in preference for RIAMS because it is a ‘one-stop shop’ for most of your information and knowledge management needs.

What is the current and future scope?

RIAMS currently supports regulatory professionals in the Environmental Health and Local Laws fields covering key topic areas including:

  • Food
  • Public Health
  • Immunisation
  • Domestic Wastewater Management
  • Tobacco
  • Animal Management
  • Parking
  • General Legal Processes

The dedicated team of RIAMS subject matter experts will be developing these key areas further as well as releasing content covering other Regulatory areas including Building, Planning and Emergency Management.

RIAMS plans to implement on line training modules and forums providing ongoing professional development for your staff.

How does it support better service delivery?

RIAMS was designed to improve consistency, it is ‘ready to go’ and allows you to customise, organise and share up to date information with your colleagues on or off site. RIAMS can be used to support collaboration, shared services and restructured organisations. 

What about document management?

RIAMS is an online document management system. You can edit, add and remove documents, view recent, mark up favourites and manage documents. You can create document collections to support projects or routine functions. Documents in RIAMS can be linked to back office systems to get better use of those systems.

Can I customise RIAMS?

Yes. RIAMS is unique in its ability to provide you with a resource that you can customise to suit your organisation. Senior Users can add and remove (hide) any documents, procedures, and publications.

Each community is fully controlled by the Users and they can enjoy the excellence of RIAMS design and software.


Who is it for? 

RIAMS was built for professionals working in the regulatory field. It can be used by anyone with a web browser, no integration or interfacing with internal IT systems is needed.

RIAMS is being used by managers, professionals and administrators in local government and outsourcing agencies. It is an essential tool for anyone delivering or providing support services for regulation or compliance.


What do you get with RIAMS?

  • New and updated procedures provided regularly;
  • Up-to-date supporting documents and publications;
  • Documentation that is edited and aligned to legislation and guidance for Regulatory professionals;
  • Information that is delivered by a group of specialists and the in-house editorial team;
  • Requests for new content (procedures and documents) will be developed for the system at no charge;
  • Consistency across all procedures and documents;
  • Access to forums discussing topical Regulatory issues;
  • Security of information and automatic archiving of all documentation;
  • Mobility and flexibility with RIAMS accessible in the field; and
  • A continually developing platform that meets the current needs of all Regulatory professionals (including Managers).

What’s inside? 

RIAMS is grouped into Knowledge Areas of continually updated procedures, documents and publications.

Users can share best practice in each Knowledge Area to improve knowledge sharing and spread best practice.

You can also create your own folders in each Knowledge Area and if you wish you can share these too.

Each procedure is linked to relevant documents and publications.


Is it useful for mobile working?

It is online and ‘ready to go’ with any web browser and because of this, it can reduce the cost and increase the speed of implementing mobile and flexible working practices.

Access to regularly updated procedures and resources provided by RIAMS is proven to improve the confidence of staff working remotely. One study demonstrated a 37% improvement in response times all of which was attributed to improved staff confidence from RIAMS. 

What support is provided?

A regular newsletter itemises all new and reviewed procedures and highlights significant changes to RIAMS functionality and content.

RIAMS hosts User Groups and liaises regularly to provide a relevant a progressive service to Users.

Users can access free telephone and email support from our team during office hours.

Our services are monitored 24/7 for your peace of mind and to ensure business continuity.