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Data Protection and Confidentiality

1.  We acknowledge that your contact details and application data (as defined under the “My Account” area of the website) may be confidential. We will maintain the confidentiality of and protect your information in accordance with our normal procedures and Australian and English law.

2.  As part of our quality control and with the objective of providing you with enhanced services we may monitor the use of this website and record your email address and/or IP address. This information is collected for internal purposes only and shall not be disclosed to any other organisation except as required by law. We may use “cookies” to collect this information and track your use of this website. If you do not agree you can choose to not receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser to refuse cookies or to prompt you before you accept a cookie.

3.  We may use your contact details for the purposes of marketing. We may use information obtained about you from monitoring your use of this website solely for internal purposes including website performance, evaluation of website use and the creation of marketing reports to aid future marketing of information about RIAMS and Kernow/RHE services. Data collected by monitoring will be aggregate, no personal or sensitive personal data will be used other than for the purpose for which it was originally obtained.

4.  Your information may be controlled and processed by any of RHE or Kernow offices. You acknowledge and agree that the location of our offices may change from time to time and that RHE or Kernow may acquire other offices in any number of other countries or territories at any time, any one or more of which may act as a controller of and/or process your information. We will not disclose your data to any other third party unless required to do so by law or regulators.

5.  You acknowledge and agree that we may from time to time transfer any of your contact details and/or application data overseas to any office of RHE or Kernow or of any of our affiliates, agents or appointed representatives. Some of our offices and those of our affiliates, agents or representatives may be located in countries outside the Territory which do not have well developed data protection legislation when compared to Australian law. While we will ensure your information is processed in accordance with these terms and conditions you may not have rights under data protection legislation in those jurisdictions equivalent to those under Australian law. Please do not send us any personal data if you do not want that information to be processed by us in the ways described in these terms and conditions as by providing your information to us you agree and consent to us processing it in this way.

6.  You have the right to access and the right to rectify your personal data by sending us a written request to the address by sending an email to info@riams.com.au.

7.  Occasionally third parties may provide storage services to us. In those circumstances those third parties shall be required to enter into a confidentiality agreement on no less stringent terms than found in these terms and conditions and to process your data solely in accordance with our instructions.


From time to time we may use any of the information you submit to us, including personal data, to provide you with marketing information about us.

We may contact you from time to time for this purpose by email, post or telephone. By sending your information to us you agree and consent to us contacting you in this way. You may withdraw this consent at anytime by contacting info@riams.com.au.

Restricted Areas

1.  We provide a variety of services to clients and third parties online which are accessible only with a username and password. These services include RIAMS, RIAMS Forums and other similar services.

2.  Access to the Restricted Areas is restricted to authorised persons. If you believe you have been granted access to any document or file by mistake, please leave the Restricted Area immediately and contact us by email at info@riams.com.au as soon as possible.

Please also contact us by email at info@riams.com.au if we have notified you that you are permitted to access a Restricted Area but are unable to obtain access to it.

3.  The Restricted Areas should only be accessed using a computer linked to a secure network environment.

4.  You must not allow any other person to use your username, password or other login details. If you believe someone else knows your login details please contact us by email at info@riams.com.au soon as possible.

5.  In the case of certain Restricted Areas we may supply you with temporary login details which you should change and choose details that may not be easily identifiable by others. Login details should be changed regularly and not less than once every 6 weeks.

6.  We reserve the right to remove you from the authorised list of users for any Restricted Area of this website at any time.

7.  Parts of this website incorporate 128 bit encryption technology, however, we cannot guarantee that unauthorised people will not be able to access confidential information hosted on or downloaded from this website.

8.  The information, documents and files hosted on the Restricted Areas are confidential and may be privileged. You must not distribute the documents and files hosted in these areas except to persons authorised by us to read them. If you believe that you may have been granted access to information, a document or a file by mistake you must not download it, copy it, use it for any purpose or disclose its contents to any other person. Where you are subject to a separate agreement or undertaking (such as a confidentiality agreement) then such agreement or undertaking shall apply in addition to and, in the case of conflict or inconsistency, in priority to these terms and conditions.

9.  You shall not obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorised access to a Restricted Area or to a Restricted Area other than that which has been identified as being available to you through the logins and passwords notified to you or to any other area of our computer system or network nor will you attempt to evade our authentication or security procedures nor assist, encourage or permit any other person to do any of the above things.

10.  You should be aware that some of the documents, files and other information may contain personal data subject to applicable data protection legislation. You must not use that data contrary to such legislation. To the extent that your jurisdiction does not have in force data protection legislation at least as stringent as that applying in Australia from time to time you undertake to treat such personal data as if it were subject to the legislation applying in Australia from time to time to the extent it is more stringent.

11.  We shall not be liable for any losses you suffer as a result of unauthorised access to your account until such time as you have informed us of unauthorised use or possible unauthorised use of your login details or of a breach of security.

12.  Subject to 11 above, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from your use of a Restricted Area other than in accordance with these terms including but without limitation any special, consequential or indirect loss, any loss of profit or goodwill, any loss of data or for any business or economic loss arising out of the use of or the inability to use a Restricted Area. On this basis you agree that these terms, and in particular the limits on our liability and obligations, are fair and reasonable.

13.  Subject to the terms above and any additional terms applicable to particular Restricted Areas, for example licence terms to access RIAMS and the “Rules for Making Contributions” in the Forums and Q&A areas, you may not reproduce or print any part of the content of the Restricted Areas.

If you have any further queries about RIAMS AUS please contact info@riams.com.au